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Stories of faith, change and transformation from people who have encountered the God who loves, and changes lives...................


"I don't sweat the small stuff...."

Vicky Beeching interviews journalist

Frank Garner










"I didn't expect life to be unfair but it still was unfair" - Jo Saxton (below left)







'I let you live and gave you a story to tell' - Zac Williams (below left)

Is There More to Life than This?   

Charlie Mackesy (Right)   Join Alpha






Miranda Hart talks to Nicky Gumbel   at the Leadership Conference about finding purpose in life.

"That Reservoir of Goodness..Amazing Grace..." Barack Obama 




"We are called to be dispensers of grace in a world of ungrace...."

Philip Yancey  (below right) on 'Why Grace?'








Flame International - go to some of the poorest and most traumatised communities and work to provide practical support. Interview.



Bear Grylls speaks to Piers Morgan about his life and faith (interview)





Canon Andrew White (left) 
- author of 'Faith Under Fire' - trusting in Jesus when so many things are going wrong (interview)


Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby (left) talks to Kirsty
Young about his life, faith and difficult

Desert Island Disks (interview)




Nicky Gumbel (right) talks about his life and journey of faith (link)

"..for some reason I started reading the New I read the words of Jesus, particularly John's gospel, I throught, 'this is true!'..I began a relationship with God that brought meaning and purpose to my life..."

Below: Mike Pilavachi talks to Nicky Gumbel...

"We live in an instant society where we want everything straight away, but the way God prepares us is often in the lonely place, the boring place and the hidden place....We've only got one life, I decided I wasn't going to waste a moment waiting for something that might or might not be..."

 Mike Pilavachi (below) about his life as a follower of Jesus (link)

GOD HAS A GREATER VISION for our lives than we can see for ourselves, we may see only rubble, God sees the house to come........
Will van der Hart (left) unpacks what it means to turn to God in all of our challenges (link)


American Football player BENJAMIN WATSON (left)talks about his faith and book in the aftermath of the Ferguson unrest last year: 'Under our Skin' - Getting real about Race. Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations that Divide us.' (link)


The Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas Message is truly beautiful, even if you aren't religious...." (read here)

Why Christmas is different this year Justin Welby (left) tells a story about the grace of God.

Canon Andrew White (right) is the Vicar of Bagdad. - Interview -
"In all that I do, how can I love Jesus more? How can I be more like

Canon Andrew White is also President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. He has suffered from MS for the past 20 years which affects his mobility and speech. He is also an anesthesiologist. He is the author of a number of books including 'Faith Under Fire' and 'My Journey So Far'.

"Even in the darkest times, there can be light and hope..."
(link) to 'Thought for the Day
Revd. Andrew White - Vicar of Bagdad 12/11/2014

Darrell Tunningley (left) - a story of transformation.
Daily Mail article 

Bobbie Cheema (right) is second woman Senior Treasury Counsel, and was appointed Silk in 2013. In an interview at the Royal Albert Hall, Bobbie speaks about her life and work and her faith in Jesus Christ.  

'How to Walk in Love' -  A talk by Joyce Meyer (below right) at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2015
"I cried out to God 'You have to do something in my life!" 

Joyce talks to Nicky Gumbel - (below right) 'Invite God to take the leadership of your life...' (Interview)






'Making Marriage Work'
Joyce & David Meyer (left) share their journey and offer hope and practical help for couples (link)


Dr Paul Brand CBE (left, and his wife Margaret) became the first surgeon in the world to use reconstructive surgery to correct leprosy-caused deformities in hands and feet.

During the 1940's Paul Brand and his wife Margaret began to search for effective treatments for the disabilities Leprosy can cause. Initially viewed with a degree of predudice and hostility, since they challenged the attitudes of the day towards leprosy sufferers
"You touched him, and no-one has done that for years...."  The Leprosy Mission.


Journeying through grief and forgiveness - Rick & Kay Warren (below right) share their journey following the death of their son Matthew who took his own life, aged 27.
Interview at Royal Albert Hall 2014.

Justin Welby - Archbishop of Canterbury (below left)
"We need to be a risk-taking church" - Interview 2013

Brother Luigi Gioia (below) talks about his real and practical prayer life (here)




Shane Taylor (right) - formally one of the UK's most dangerous men talks about how his life has been transformed
by God Interview.

Operation Christmas Child - over 60,000 shoebox gifts were sent to children from Syria and Iraq who had been displaced by violence - Samaritan's Purse (left).

'TAILS I LOOSE' - Justyn Rees Larcombe (Left) once addicted to gambling, shares his journey of recovery and restoration.

'GOSPEL FOR ASIA' (Left) Stories of Hope and
Transformation (videos)

RefugeesTears bring two women together in a Syrian refugee camp 'Your Tears are Precious'

Christian refugees who fled from Monsul to Erbil, Kurdistan have written "Jesus is the Light of the World" on their tents (right) Tearfund International

Tails I Lose
Justyn Rees Larcombe shares his journey of recovery from compulsive gambling