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12th July 2020 'Fingerprints, DNA and the Black Dog'

5th July 2020 'The Big Puzzle

28th June 2020 'Twelve Loaves and a Star Fish'

21st June 2020 'In Memory of Her'

14th June 2020 'Black Lives Matter Your Life Matters'

7th June 2020 'To Believe or not to Believe,

that is the Question'

31st May 2020 'God's Empowering Presence'

24th May 2020 'The Future is not the Same as the Past'

10th May 2020 'History or Myth?'

3rd May 2020 'Jesus - Present and Presence'

26th April 2020 'Paradigm Shift: Out of the Box'

19th April 2020 'A Lot Can Happen in a Week'