The Leprosy Mission

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Here is Sandy we have been supporting the Leprosy Mission's work since 1969 and have raised over £420,000. This year we have pledged to raise £21,000 for:

Tea Gardens Project 2023

In the beautiful tea gardens of Bangladesh rich green tea leaves are handpicked by a workforce of mainly women, their skilled, nimble hard work requires speed to ensure as many leaves are picked as possible every day. But while the tea gardens flourish in productivity supplying world markets, leprosy has become a growing problem and threat to the lives and communities of the workers. Leprosy has in fact become more prevalent here than anywhere else in the world with almost every tea picking family affected.

The hands of tea pickers are their tools but untreated leprosy makes hands lose feeling and fingers unable to straighten them, eventually the hands become useless and the workers lose their job, and home which belongs to the tea estate. Cast out into the world, they lose their community and dignity, they are likely to face extreme prejudice and no longer have the ability to earn, fear for survival is very real.


2022 - Greater Heights Project

2021 - Mozambique Project

2020 - Chanchaga Nigeria Project 

2018 - Premananda Hospital - India - Salary for one Doctor and two Nurses

2017 - Transform Purulia Hospital - new Outpatients Department

2016 - Bankura Vocational Training Centre Project

2015 - Purulia Hospital major refurbishments

2018 Premananda Hospital
Leprosy Mission Project 2018

Purulia Hospital Project
Purulia Hospital Project